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June 1, 2009

Obama's campaign commitments to active citizenship

(Deerlodge National Forest, Montana) In his presidential campaign, candidate Barack Obama made remarkable commitments to active citizenship, civic renewal, and civic education. Here is a compendium of his statements that we can use to inspire ourselves--and to hold the president accountable for his promises. The source of these quotations is the remarkable Project Vote Smart database, which includes transcripts of thousands of candidates' speeches and releases.

02/10/2007 Springfield, Illinois, Remarks by Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) Announcing his Candidacy for President of the United States:

3/19/2007 CNN, Larry King Live, answering a question about Michelle Obama:

12/05/2007, Mt. Vernon, IA "Obama Issues Call to Serve, Vows to Make National Service Important Cause of His Presidency"

06/30/2008, Independence, MO, Remarks of Senator Barack Obama:

09/12/2008 New York, NY:

04/29/2009 Town Hall Meeting, Arnold, MO:

01/21/2009 Remarks by the President in Welcoming Senior Staff and Cabinet Secretaries to the White House:

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