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January 15, 2009

kids in the economic recovery plan

I'm getting lots of email from activists who've heard that programs they favor are in the House stimulus package. I cannot confirm any of this, but supposedly there is money for community service programs: $200 million for AmeriCorps and funds for YouthBuild and Community Service Employment for Older Americans. I'm for that. My new article entitled "The Case for Service" is online as a pdf.

I have also seen reports of very substantial increases in funds for children, including $14 billion for school construction and $13 billion for Title I education (aimed at high-poverty schools). Most interesting for those of us in the education-reform-and-innovation business: $1 billion for "21st century classrooms," $300 million for Job Corps, and $300 million for teacher quality.

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Just hoping to learn more from you. I really enjoy the idea that students could possibly earn tuition by completing community projects. I am very interested in helping youth from marginal communities (our is socioeconomically disadvantaged; many don't believe it's possible to attend college). I also enjoy all of the work done by Seligman, Peterson, Ben-Shahar, etc. on positive psychology, much of which lends itself to giving back to others. I hope to attend your lectures at Tufts this summer.
Kathy Keene
Early Childhood Educator
Kennett High School
North Conway, NH

January 26, 2009 9:48 AM | Comments (1) | posted by Kathryn L. Keene

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