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October 16, 2007

come with me

Oh, come with me and be my love,
For Saturday night--that's enough.
Next week, I've got a paper due,
A service gig, an interview too.
"Come with me": remember, from our course?
(Also a pun, which I'd better not force.)
Yes, I deleted "live"--but you can stay
'Til ten. Then I'll work on my résumé.
Slippers and buckles of the finest gold:
One day you'll have those, and someone to hold.
But I'm by myself now; the market's tight;
For now, I've got to focus, network, fight.
Wait 'til we're forty, and then maybe
You can be my love and live with me.

[For ease of reference, here's the Marlowe original and previous replies by Walter Ralegh, C. Day Lewis, William Carlos Williams, and Odgen Nash.]

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