My teaching experience includes the following:

  • The annual Summer Institute of Civic Studies at the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship & Public Service (Tufts University), each year since 2009. Enrolled graduate students, faculty, and activists from several countries.
  • "Facebook, Social Networking, and Community Organizing," an undergraduate course at Tufts.
  • High school classes on various civic topics, taught weekly since the spring of 2002 at Northwestern High School in Hyattsville, MD (with Margaret Morgan-Hubbard and Carrie Donovan). In the the spring quarter and the summer program, we concentrated on "asset mapping": collecting assets of Prince George's County and learning how to present them to the community via In the fall and winter of 2002-3, we created an oral history of the desegregation of the County Schools. Since then, we have mainly been helping the students to conduct research on the geographical causes of obesity in their community.
  • A graduate seminar on Information Technology Policy, co-taught (twice) with Robert Wachbroit in the Maryland School of Public Affairs. The syllabus and related materials are online.
  • An interdisciplinary graduate proseminar on Politics, Philosophy, and Public Policy, co-taught (three times) with colleagues from Philosophy and Government and Politics
  • Political Theory and Philosophy of Law, two undergraduate lecture courses offered by the University of Maryland Philosophy Department
  • Wittgenstein and Moral Philosophy, two continuing education seminars offered by Georgetown University
  • Tutorials on Nietzche and Schopenhauer offered through Brasenose College, Oxford