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January 7, 2008

to New Hampshire

I'm traveling from Syracuse, NY to Portsmouth, NH today, by various conveyances. I'm not going to the Granite State to announce my late entrance into the presidential campaign, nor to campaign for anyone else--nor to count young voters for CIRCLE. I'm just going to attend a long-scheduled meeting. However, I wouldn't be surprised if I bump into some political or media celebs on my way there or back to DC on Tuesday evening.

I've already had one brush with fame. When I was in an airport recently, I heard the following announcement: "Will Boston passenger John McCain please board immediately at gate A16. Last call for Boston passenger John McCain." I thought: there are lots of people called John McCain. But sure enough, along came the Arizona senator, hustling, grinning, and looking a little sheepish, all by himself and carrying nothing but his briefcase.

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