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October 18, 2007

in retreat

(Clinton, TN) I spent yesterday in the office of a Washington, DC law firm, which Streetlaw was borrowing for a board retreat. We sat around a marble table in suits and ate delicious catered food for lunch. Today, I'm at Alex Haley's former farm in Clinton, Tennessee, now owned by the Children's Defense Fund and used as a meeting site. I'm here for another retreat: this one convenes community activists, mostly people of color, and mostly young. There are rocking-chairs on the porch and pictures of people like Maya Angelou on their visits here. And tomorrow I'll be in Denver for a conference of the American Association of Colleges & Universities. The setting will be a big Marriott, and most of the attendees will be professors or college administrators.

There are some consistent themes--education; seeing young people as citizens--and some commonalities in the formats of these meetings. For example, we take turns talking; we don't sing or shout. But you could write a book about the differences.

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