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June 1, 2007

touching down

I'm in the office for one of two days during a three-week spell of travel. Next week it's New England for meetings at the University of New Hampshire, Providence College, and Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode Island. This seems to be the season for conferences and other gatherings, perhaps because you can count on academics to attend between the end of classes and their annual migration to beach houses and foreign shores. There's a pile of paperwork to attend to in the office, and we spent time this morning being fingerprinted so that we can work with adolescents. CIRCLE will be teaching a course for local kids who will choose an issue, identify adults who may have the capacity to address that concern, interview the adults about their work and about their connections with other adults, develop a "network map" of the individuals and institutions with power over their issue, and present their conclusions on a public website. We start on June 25th. I'm very much looking forward to what we'll learn and hoping that we give the kids a good experience as well.

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