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September 8, 2006

Tongues of Fire

A few years ago, I wrote a lightweight thriller called Tongues of Fire. I wrote it for fun and my wife's entertainment, and after an unsuccessful attempt to publish it, I put it on this website for free downloading. In August, the main page of the novel received 917 visits. In July, there were 804. I know those are not huge numbers, and I realize that they include repeat visits, hits from "bots," mistaken referrals from Google, etc. Still, as the nerds say, I'm getting a "nontrivial" number of visitors. As far as Google knows, there's only one external link to the novel--and that's just an item on a long list of free books. No one ever emails me about it or leaves a comment on the webpage. I'm trying to guess: Who visits? Why? What do they think?

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