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March 10, 2006

citizen media update

As I mentioned earlier this week, the New Voices project is making a second round of grants to citizens (all kinds of people who are not professional journalists) to produce news in various media. Here are some of my favorite grantees from the first year:

  • The Forum, from Deerfield, NH, an online newspaper created by a co-op of citizen journalists. Coincidentally, at about the same time that The Forum was launched, Deerfield voted to end its town meeting. The website is the substitute public space.

  • Hip-Hop Speaks, with very nice flash animations that take serious (but engaging) looks at issues facing hiphop culture.

  • The Twin Cities Daily Planet from Minnesota, which aggregates good stories from the mainstream media and adds some citizen journalism to produce a website that rivals many metropolitan dailies.

  • And I already mentioned the Madison (WI) Commons. The Commons provides citizens with journalism training in order to generate a lot of hyper-local stories. Its curricular materials are also online and free.
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