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February 8, 2005

handbook of public deliberation

John Gastil and I are busy organizing the production of our co-edited volume, The Handbook of Public Deliberation: Strategies for Effective Civic Engagement in the 21st Century. Jossey Bass will publish it this summer. Of the 19 chapters, 16 describe very concrete and practical approaches to public deliberation; thus the book will offer a diverse menu of choices for civic groups, governments, school systems, and others to use. (The three remaining chapters are overviews of the field.) Since almost all chapters have been written by teams, usually comprised of both scholars and practitioners, there are 44 authors in all. Coordinating everyone's participation has been quite a job for John and me. However, we'll reach a milestone tomorrow when we submit a fully edited and complete manuscript.

The cover design to the right is preliminary. We've asked for more people, more evident diversity, and less office ceiling. (Apparently, that's the publisher's office, and one arm belongs to our editor.) Still, I like the informality and zest of the basic design.

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