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October 10, 2005

en route

I try to post something substantive here every workday. In fact, I've addressed one topic or another for the last 700 days except during family vacations. However, as Monday, Oct. 10 begins, I'm waiting for a delayed midnight flight from Atlanta to Columbus, OH. (We were in rural Georgia for a true Southern family reunion, complete with a pig roast. I'm going to Columbus for a meeting on service-learning that John Glenn will address.) I feel tired enough, as I await this late flight and the prospect of two days of meetings, that I don't expect to be able to manage a substantive post until Tuesday at the earliest.

PS, By the time I got online and had a chance to post this, I learned some news that's exciting to acknowledge. The great Tom Schelling, a colleague at the Maryland School of Public Policy, has just been awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics. He joins Amartya Sen as one of my two favorite winners ever. He's not only a brilliantly original social scientist who has wrestled with the vital questions of the day (from nuclear war to global environmental threats); he's also a beautiful writer and a true gentleman.

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