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June 3, 2004

a few good sites

I don't usually list links; that seems a poor substitute for actually writing something here. However, I'm on my way to Montreal later this morning, with little time for blogging. Therefore, let me recommend ...

  • The Hope Street Group's new blog. HSG is a great organization, composed predominantly of business folks who promote policies that would offer genuine economic opportunities to all Americans. Their group blog is a new way to get involved.

  • The rejuvenated Deliberative Democracy Consortium blog. This is a group blog that has somewhat languished because its chief backers, slackers like me, are primarily interested in blogging elsewhere. However, an enterprising and smart intern, Jorge Eseteban, will post over there every day this summer, to liven things up. The DDC blog always concerns democracy, but sometimes ranges pretty far from deliberation.

  • The Innovation Center for Community & Youth Development. This organization is a great resource for anyone who wants to involve young people in serious leadership roles. The Innovation Center collects research, provides training and technical support, and has lots of tips. They are at the center of a whole movement that treats adolescents as assets instead of bundles of risks and problems. I've admired them for a long time, but we met face-to-face with their staff yesterday, so now seems like a good time to plug their work.
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