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December 18, 2003

youth civic engagement

Today was a day for thinking about youth civic engagement from various angles. It started with a long conference call to go over the results of a new national youth poll that some partners and CIRCLE will release in January. Then some University of Maryland colleagues and I went to a high school in Hyattsville, MD to talk to the principal about three classes that we're organizing for his kids. They're all civics courses, in the broad sense. One will concern youth relations with the police. A second will continue oral history research that we have done in the past--the topic being the desegregation of the county schools. (This is the history website that our kids built last year.) And the third will involve mapping the food and exercise assets of the community. After almost two hours with the principal, I went to my office and worked on a meeting that we'll hold in January to discuss the latest research on how to mobilize young voters. And then I spent some time on the phone discussing the organization of the "Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools," as we're now calling a coalition effort to implement the recommendations of the Civic Mission of Schools report. All this talk leaves me with no energy for a blog on any other topic, but it was a rewarding day.

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