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August 6, 2003

Washington versus DC

I was at a conference out of town recently, sitting with two people who had previously lived in the nation's capital, where I've resided for a dozen years. They said that they like "DC," but they don't like "Washington." I agreed. For those who live elsewhere, this is the distinction (as I see it):





Members of Congress, lobbyists, lawyers, diplomats, reporters

  teachers, police officers, artists, store owners, bus drivers, receptionists, janitors

mostly White, with some foreign officials

  mostly Black, very diverse
K Street, Connecticut Avenue   U Street, 18th St, Georgia Avenue

The city west of the park plus Chevy Chase, Bethesda, much of Fairfax

  All quadrants of the city plus Silver Spring, Hyattsville, Mitchelville, Alexandria
Georgetown, SAIS, all the law schools   Howard, Gallaudet, Trinity College, UDC
Mclean McMansions, Georgetown townhouses, the White House  

row houses with cornice decorations made of bricks and wooden front porches


people "serve" here for a few years and go home

  people live in the house where their grandmothers were born

The LaGuardia Shuttle, Lear jets, stretch limos, Air Force One

  Metrobuses and trains, the Beltway, Greyhound

Reagan National Airport

  National Airport

The World Bank

  Riggs Bank
The CIA   The DMV
The Redskins   The Redskins

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