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January 17, 2003

war after 9/11

I have been a member of The Institute for Philosophy & Public Policy for just over ten years. Although I am now involved with several other institutions, this is the one I care most about. We had a regular staff meeting this morning. The Institute has just produced a book entitled War After September 11. It's a good small volume of essays, and it appeared in bookstores just six months after we conceived the idea. Today we discussed creating a whole series of such "fastbacks" on the philosophical dimensions of current issues. The next volume, we agreed, will concern biotechnology.

I had a conversation and did some emailing today on the whole idea of using mapping software to diagram the field of deliberative democracy I now have a clearer idea how this could be done, technically. I also agreed to go to Connecticut in April for a conference on deliberation sponsored by the Democracy Project of the Center for Values in Higher Education. And the proofs of The Civic Mission of Schools arrived, looking fine.

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