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June 26, 2006

group blogging for democracy

Joe Goldman has launched a new blog called The Democracy Movement. It's a group effort, devoted to deliberative democracy and related themes. I've signed up to contribute regularly, along with fellow academics Archon Fung and Abby Williamson from Harvard, John Gastil from the University of Washington, and Francesca Polletta from UC Irvine/Columbia University; Lars Hasselblad Torres, Evan Paul, and Joe Goldman from AmericaSpeaks; Martha McCoy, Pat Scully, Matt Leighninger, and Amy Malick from Study Circles; Taylor Willingham from the National Issues Forums; Bill Potapchuk from the Community Building Institute; Michael Weiksner from e-thePeople; and Jed Miller, now at the ACLU and formerly at Web Lab.

There's also a new service-learning blog with regular news from the field and some excellent contributors.

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