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September 14, 2004

youth voting

I'm on my way to Charlottesville for a panel discussion, organized by Prof. Larry Sabato, on "Young People and the 2004 Election." I'll be the geek on the panel, which will also include Rock the Vote President Jehmu Greene, "American Candidate" Malia Lazu, and others. I'll probably summarize some points I've made here before. Meanwhile, the Cleveland Plain Dealer quotes me on the same topic:

Peter Levine, deputy director of CIRCLE, said there are increasing signs that young people are paying attention to this election and that turnout among young Americans could climb.

How many are likely to vote?

"I think that depends on how the two parties conduct themselves," said Levine. "If it turns into a 'hackfest,' I think that's going to turn off young people."

Update, Sept. 15: The New York Times has a very optimistic front-page story that cites CIRCLE and quotes my colleague Carrie Donovan. Probably as a result, our server can't handle the traffic and keeps going down.

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